Exceptional Remote Team Performance

Enabling ordinary managers to deliver extraordinary team results.

With web-based software like Easidai, it is possible to build and sustain high performing remote working teams. Whether your staff are in the office or at home working remotely using video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, Easidai is the perfect addition, seamlessly adding the required layer of accountability and collaboration.

A range of features such as paperless authorisation requests, formal or casual meeting and templates for complex business processes, ensures Easidai will keep your remote team working in alignment with your agreed goals.

Now with the option of task time tracking and timesheets fully integrated with payroll solutions like HR3, knowing what your team is doing has never been easier.

Learn how to create a
Remote High-Performance Team

Managers of remote teams are always striving to create the magic of a high-performance team. Learn how to create the magic. Watch this short video and download the eBook.

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Team members take full responsibility for their work results and don’t blame other people.


Organise tasks and schedules for team members and encourage them to exceed their KPIs.

Common Purpose

The motivation that drives the remote team towards an achieving important business goal.


Dedicating all the remote team members to work together to achieve difficult goals.


Team members make decisions and take proactive action to solve problems and achieve their goals.


Team and team member growth, progress and positive change in the work environment.


Using advanced Machine Learning, automatically analyse work and make the processes more efficient.


Team performance is automatically predicted, driven and guided by team accountability and process optimisation

BusinessNot-For-ProfitSporting Clubs
Business meeting
  • As easy as email, but with added clarity & accountability
  • At last your ad-hoc processes organised
  • Easy to run, productive meetings, that add real value to the bottom line.
  • Artificial Intelligence improving outcomes
  • Capture ideas and help your team achieve them
  • LOWER stress
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A group of charity workers
  • Compliance made easy
  • Transparent and accountable
  • Easy for your volunteers
  • All resources in one location for volunteers & staff
  • Easy to plan & productive meetings
  • Reduce stress for your coordinators
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Ladies basketball team
  • Winners on & off the field
  • One easy location to access everything your club needs
  • Attract & retain volunteers
  • Easier to get grants with greater compliance
  • Meet the requirements of your governing association
  • Efficient, effective and productive meetings
  • Easier on the club executive committee
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